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  • Beautiful islands

    The Togean Islands

  • Katupat houses

    Bamboo houses on stilts in Katupat

  • Mangrove

    The beautiful mangrove of the Togean Islands

  • Fisherman


  • Children

    Children of Katupat

  • Starfish

    Crown-of-thorns starfish

  • Coral

    Diversity of coral

  • House without toilets

    No running water => toilets outside

  • No electricity

    Only 1% of the households have electricity in Katupat

  • Laundry and mandi

    Women doing laundry and having a wash at the village's water point

  • Plastic waste on the beach

    Plastic waste on the beach

Who we areWho we are

EVERTO is an Indonesian non-profit organization and a French association setting up actions in environmental protection, and providing eco-responsible job opportunities, in the beautiful Togean Islands, a remote archipelago of Central Sulawesi, Indonesia.

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What we doWhat we do

We organize tours to collect plastic waste in the villages and on the beaches, and to clean the sea from the poisonous crown-of-thorns starfish that kills the coral reefs at high speed. These tours are carried out by Katupat volunteers, but we aim at paying them in the future.

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Why we need youWhy we need you

Protecting the environment and providing employment in a secluded area requires time, commitment and money. Your donations help set up green actions, pay the people working on our tours and cover the expenses involved (gasoline, snorkeling equipment…)

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